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12 October 2013 @ 11:09 am
Well, this has been the summer of extremes. First we have another huge wildfire, the we get torrential rain and a series of flash floods. At least our topography makes it possible for the water to flow downhill and away when the rain stops unlike Boulder. Still, the last flood took everyone by surprise as it was really close to my house. We were expecting flooding in the burn scars, and two creeks that run through town have flooded in the past, but we weren't expecting the creek near us to flood. Stupid I know, but that area was not an area that had previously given us cause for concern.

I'm back in school again. I always said that when I finish my last math class I'd go back to being a full-time student and take up piano again. Well, I passed my final math class this past spring so that's exactly what I'm doing. I had to cut my hours at work, and therefore take a huge paycut, but it's worth it.

I had no intention of following a new show this fall, but then Sleepy Hollow came along. I can't really explain why I love it so much. It just... works. And it's now my new addiction. Haven is also back and the writers are totally killing it this season. Love it!

Thanks to Sleepy Hollow I now have the urge to make videos again. Which is not entirely good thing since I have a biology test coming up, lol. I'm just waiting for episode 5 that way I have enough footage to make a full length video.

That's pretty much everything in a nutshell. And now it's back to work I go.

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13 June 2013 @ 05:05 pm
Last year we had the Waldo Canyon Fire. For three days firefighters were able to keep the fire on forest land, and then on a Tuesday all hell broke loose. In a single night 346 homes burned to the ground. One of my good friends had to evacuate and she had next to no warning. Thankfully, she had a home to go back to. One of my dad's coworkers was not so lucky.

Now we have a fire that started in the community of Black Forest. That's just north of Colorado Springs. In two days it has burned at least 360 homes and, like with the Waldo Canyon Fire, evacuation notices have reached within the Colorado Springs city limits. And I have another friend that is at risk of losing his home. And, as of right now, that fire is 0% contained.

Both fires have taken place in areas where I used to work for several years. I count myself lucky that the closest I have come to such a situation is a huge grassfire less than 1/4 mile from my house. The people who I truly feel bad for are the ones who were at work when fire started and were not able to return home to try to save their belongings and pets.

We just can't catch a break, can we?

I love Colorado. I really do. All of these fires are just breaking my heart. And triggering my asthma. I just hope that we get a good rain. We really need it.

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15 October 2012 @ 10:23 pm
Yup, I'm having one of those *head/desk* moments.  And yes, in true AmericanFairy fashion, it involves math.  I have to submit my homework online via a math program and said program has gotten into the habit of not accepting my answers even though they are right.  Since I'm a stickler about trying to learn this right (and so I don't flop the next test) I press the "Help me solve this" button to figure out what I did wrong.  And whoopie doo if I don't have the right answer after all.  And now I have to do a similar problem only with different numbers.


On a more amusing note I was taking a breather and visiting the Toonami boards when someone posted this.  It certainly gave me a much needed laugh and I thought that some of my f-list would also find it amusing. 

And now break time is over.  Back to reality I go.

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25 September 2012 @ 10:19 am
My school has currently got the A/C going and it's only 60 degrees outside.  And of course, the seats next to the electrical outlets are the ones that the air is blowing towards.  Go figure.
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26 March 2012 @ 11:34 pm
And it was amazing!!!  No seriously, I went to the movies expecting another Twilight and this movie went and blew my mind.  Yes, yes, I know that the books are probably better.  I just haven't had the time to read them, ok?  But, it will definitely make my summer reading list.  And I'll have more time for books as I intend to take the summer off and just focus on working and saving my money.

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24 March 2012 @ 08:10 pm
Yanked from several people on my f-list.

Your result for The Fan Fiction Personality Test ...

The True Fan

OOC is blasphemy, canon is everything.

Once you fall in love with a movie, book or TV series, you are loyal like an old dog. You take fanfiction quite serious and use it as a substitute after the canon ran out.

You are probably a walking dictionary of your favourite fandom and you are picky about what you write and read. The closer to the "real thing" fanfiction is, the more you like it.

You rather explore a character in all depth, see new sides and learn more about them than creating new characters or mix up the situations they are in.

In case anyone is interested the test can be found here.

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20 March 2012 @ 12:29 am
Snagged from mercy_angel_09

1) "Search And Destroy" - Skunk Anansie
2) "Heavy In Your Arms" - Florence + The Machine
3) "Fields Of Innocence" - Evanescence
4) "Possibility" - Kawai Kenji
5) "Mi Mancherai (Il Postino) - Josh Groban
6) "Everyday Is A Winding Road" - Sheryl Crow
7) "Swing Low" - Rocco DeLuca & The Burden
8) "Babylon Feeling" - Everlast

I have to admit that this is rather... Interesting.  Some of these songs are rather fitting while others, like the fast paced and militaristic "Possibility" from the Gundam 00 soundtrack, don't make any sense in it's spot.  I mean, seriously, why would "Heavy In Your Arms" be playing during my first zombie kill?  Yet, that is what my iPod did. :-)


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01 March 2012 @ 08:06 pm
You know the saying "when it rains, it pour"?  Yeah, that pretty much sums up my life in a nutshell.  I'm currently so exhausted that I could fall asleep right here in my chair.  Only problem with that is that I've still got homework to do, laundry, some housecleaning, I have to help the family, and I got called into a late night shift.  I suppose it doesn't help that part of the reason I'm so tired it because the stupid puppy woke me up at 3 am.  And then again at 4.  And by the time I had to get up for school I was about ready to drop him off at the pound.  I didn't, but it was tempting.

And now it's snowing.  Which is just fabulous.  Yup.  Not only do I have to drive in it tonight, but I also have to deal with it on the way to work tomorrow.  I can't wait for the weekend.  At least I'll have one night where I can just chill out and have a good time with my friends.

Speaking of going out, I went on a date this past weekend.  With a guy who often works with my dad.  It was... interesting.  And more than a little awkward.  I think I might write a story about how to not impress someone on a first date.  Lord knows that I've got some experience there!  Thoughts?  Yes, no, maybe so?

Well, I suppose that's the end of this rant.  I have to put clothes in the dryer and try to churn out some more homework before work.  And I just discovered that I'm nearly out of coffee singles.  Guess I'll have to go to the grocery store in the near future.
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25 February 2012 @ 10:35 am
So, I had recently bought a smartphone and discovered that it is capable of face-to-face chat. The only problem is that I need a special app to do so. My phone already came with something called Qik Video, but apparently it's a Sprint only app. And not all of my friends have Sprint. I tried Skype, but I couldn't figuring the damn thing out. What I'm really hoping for is a program that is compatible with whatever program my friends have, instead of me having to download a new one for each person.

So my question is this: Do any of you guys use face-to-face chat on your phones and if so what apps do you use? Thanks guys!

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20 February 2012 @ 05:09 pm
    Just something that popped in my head while I was cleaning. Maybe I shouldn’t be allowed to write when I’m sick? Warning: This is so not politically correct so if you are easily offended I suggest you turn back now. Go! Run! Head for the hills!
    Well, it’s your choice if you choose to stay.  I didn't say it was good.  It's just me poking fun at my own efforts to write.

On to the story...Collapse )

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